English Border

In the night, waking up
She's got an early flight
In order to cross the English Border
Tickets cheap as hell
Putting on her clothes all quietly
No time for boredom
Taxi waiting for her
Across the English Border
There's someone else
Present roles defined
Both sides are clean
Ocean in her eyes
Like water on a screen
It was fair
He was halfway traveling there
That is was her go
To cross the English Border
She'd agreed to that
And as both were tired of city glam
They planned on Cornwall
Rent a car and roll
Away from city bowl
You can understand them, darling
Wild Atlantic coast,
Rolling hills and surf
Picturesque small towns
With old people
Watching waves and birds
In the air
Sleepy people everywhere
She's conversing her neighbour
Who's been working
As a sound engineer
Vaguely she can hear her friends
As they would say:
Why bother?
Get your thoughts in order
Across the English Border
They will be gone
North sea through the clouds
Light waves hit the eye
The sound engineer is leaning over
A stripe of land in sight

Words and music by Maria Due.

Song recorded by Maria Due in 2013 on the album Past Potential Future Lover.