One Slow Dance

Going out to dance
To sweep 'em off
With some friends of mine
Thinking of another time
Slow dance under disco light
But I am grown now
I know how to trick a mind
To move on and leave
The part that does not far behind
The starlight is made of coloured glass
Shining down where drunken people do their dance
We are also dancers to the beat below
And I am not sorry it's lining up for a slow one
You say there are worlds that are closed as they come
Like when night turns into morning and they can not be like one
The streets are dry still
Ted trees in the city park
We discuss a concept
To have fun in the waiting bars
It was all against us
And forgetting it a while
Leaves me once again
With hundred dreams to keep aside
Again, and I feel like I don't care
Thoughts of right and wrong are lifting from my head
There is starlight, and the music deep below the speakers playing
Is lining up for one slow dance
You say there are worlds that are closed as they come
Stay a while, you can keep your eyes closed
And the one you have is the one that will be
And then night turns into morning
And they will not ever meet

Words and music by Maria Due.

Song recorded by Maria Due in 2013 on the album Past Potential Future Lover.