Pictures of my Band

You're sitting inside
Looking at the passing women and men
Something has changed you know
And it's not them
The feeling or non-feeling
Of a fog right between your eyes
And the concrete world outside
Seems unreal
You heard she said:
We shall all be dead
But not now
With the evening red
We shall all be dead
But not yet
Sunset and a tan
I wanna do it all again!
Taking pictures of my band
I wanna see it all and then
I wanna rise for the others too
I wanna see it all, I wanna see it
To the core and the coming of more
Of a rise into the blue
We were once a team
Once upon a time we were young as dreams
Wide open eyes, bare skin,
And we were sure
I could knock that window lightly
I could tell you a truth from there
Forgotten in that new sphere that you're in
You can hear women whisper of flowers
You can lay in a flow of water for hours
And I know that you're gonna get there
I know that you're gonna get there

Words and music by Maria Due.

Song recorded by Maria Due in 2013 on the album Past Potential Future Lover.